Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Unlike the previsously defined FUT technique, in this technique hair follicles are extracted directly from the level of follicles on the skin. This technique is known as “non-invasive”. In FUE, no scalpels or stiches are used in the donor region and thus no visible scars are left. While extraction techniques are different in FUE and FUT, restoration techniques are identical. The method in use in our clinic is based on a technique known as F.O.X, which was first used by Dr. Ray Woods and later developed by Dr. William Rasman.

When Dr. Rassman declared the scientific results of FUE method, which he called F.O.X Procedure, in ISHRS Conference held in New York in October 2003, our scientific team studied this extraction method. We first carried out a FUE operation in January 2004. Today, thanks to the corrections in the technic made by our staff, our staff can transplant 600 to 1200 follicular units in a session. Cosmetics wise, the results of both FUE and FUT operations are equally satisfying. The only difference between these two is that one of them leaves scars in the donor region while the other doesn’t.

FUE Hair Transplantation in NewAge Clinic

Follicular units are extracted one by one from the back of the hairy scalp and the two sides. For follicular unit extraction, we use micro surgical instruments produced specifically for such operations (micro-motor, micro punchs e.t.c), whose diameters vary from 0.70-1.0 mm. To make sure that each follicular unit has been extracted without any defects, the process of extraction is carried out by our doctors in a step by step fashion.

Thanks to the method we use, we can obtain hair follicles from many body parts. When this method is combined with the standard transplantation techniques, there is an important increase in the number of potential donor regions in the body. The possibility of extracting hair follicles from other body parts increases the number of follicles that can be used in the operation.

Dr. Ray Woods ve Dr. John Cole observed that the hairs extracted from the patients’ chests change their nature and grow more straight and longer on the scalp than they were before. fue hair transplantation

Cases When Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Must be Opted

If you want to shave all your head from time to time, FUE treatment is suitable for you.

    1. If the patient wants to shave his head from time to time, FUE treatment is appropriate for him. In cases when the length of the hair is shorter than 0.5 cm, the fine line of the scar in the donor area is likely to be noticed.
    2. In cases when few hair follicles will be sufficient for the recipient area, FUE method is preferred in our clinic. FUE is a suitable method used in treating patients with receding hairline around the temples and in the treatment of scorches and scars.
    3. When there are not enough donor areas, FUE expands the donor areas to a great extent. Giving the opportunity to obtain follicles from other body parts, this method provides a high number of hair follicles to be used in the transplantation.
    4. When treating very young patients or patients with a high skin elasticity, FUE is preferred for they are likely to develop wide scars.

FUE or FUT? Or can these two methods be combined?

Our surgeons offers both transplantation methods. BECAUSE each method has its own justifiable reasons for preparing hair follicles extracted from other body parts so that they can be transplanted to thinning or balding areas.

Cosmetic perfection in hair restoration depends on various factors. The important criteria are forming a hairline parallel to the natural hairline, the growth rate of the transplanted hairs and the the density of the hairs which are transplanted. These are the common criteria no matter which method is applied-be it FUE or FUT.

Taking the patient’s preferences and the donor areas into consideration, an experienced surgeon who is an expert in the field will help the patient to choose the best technique.