What are the criteria for the best results after a hair transplantation operation?

Obtaining a Natural-Looking Hair Line

In addition to the skill of the surgeon, this requires an artistic talent as well. The hair line must be in proportion to the other lines on the face, so aesthetic concerns go hand in hand with mathematical calculations. The role of surgeon’s experience in the success of the operation is indispensable

Transplanting Follicular Units

Follicular units prepared only under three-dimensional microscopes produce an aesthetically pleasing result with their naturalness and density so that the patients forget about their hair loss problem. For such an operation, an experienced surgeon and 6 to 8 assistants are needed so that technical quality can be maintained. With such a team, 3000 follicular units can be transplanted to a patient’s scalp within 4 to 6 hours.

The Width and Depth of Micro Incision Which Defines the Transfer Channel

The incision must not only be as small as possible but also big enough to fit the size of the follicular unit so that after the operation the follicles can adapt to the recipient areas and the disruption to blood circulation is kept at a minimum level.

The Angle and the Direction of Each Incision Should be Defined Precisely

Since micro incisions determine the direction towards the grafts will grow, they are placed in the scalp in the direction of the natural hairs. In this way, after the operation, grafts grow in the right direction.