Hair Loss Treatment in Women

Female Hair Loss is usually seen as the thinning of hair.

The appearance of the pattern is quite different from men.

While hair loss in men starts with losing most of the frontal hairline, women generally keep this part of their hair. Hair loss is a gradual process in women but it can accelerate during pregnancy or menopause.

The only surgical treatment of androgenetic hair loss in women is hair restoration. Apart from this, it is often advised to apply a solution including Minoxidil to the balding areas.

In androgenetic alopecia seen in women, the quality of the hair and the hairy scalp are of great import. With the essential tests, our dermatologist finalizes the diagnosis and may recommend alternative treatments.

Effective Strategies in Coping with Hair Loss in Women:

  • Accepting the existence of the problem of hair loss and learning to live with it. Seeing a professional counselor may be of great help to you.
  • Perms, dyes, and other cosmetic applications can help you have a dense looking hair.
  • Topikal 2% Minoxidil treatment can be tried under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Hair Transplantation: Due to modern operation techniques, hair transplantation has become a successful treatment method for women. However, the type of the hair loss must be appropriate for an operation and the patient must have realistic expectations about the result.
  • Hair additions: Great steps have been taken in the techniques of modern hair additions. If you are interested in hair additions, we recommend that you consult with your hairdresser