The Effect of Genes and Hormones on Hair Loss

DNA close-up

It is thought that the real cause of genetic hair loss is the enzyme 5-Alpha Reductase, which converts testosterone into dehydrotestosterone (DHT). Dehydrotestosterone shows its effect by connecting to the androgen receptors of hair follicles. DHT shortens the life cycle of hair follicles. After each cycle, hairs get thinner and thinner and while the process is repeated, the scalp becomes more visible.

Genes and hormones, The question can best be answered by referring to a few theories that are based on hair surgery observations made in the last few years. Although everybody has the hormones and enzymes that cause hair loss, why do some people suffer from this while some others don’t?

  • The number of androgen receptors in the balding scalp of patients suffering from male-pattern baldness is above normal.
  • The higher the proportion of the dehydrotestosterone to testosterone, the faster the hair shedding process. That is to say, male-pattern hair loss has nothing to do with the amount of testosterone but the production level of DHT.
  • It is known that hair growth is determined before birth. The cause of hair loss is the hereditary sensitivity of hair follicules to DHT